The Philosophy

Lose your way to find yourself

Let’s get lost

As an oneiric voyage to discover the wild nature and rich cultural roots of Great Britain, “Lost in Albion” is a sensorial experience across the echoes of the words of historic Anglo-Saxons poets and musicians, its brightful, soft green grass fields, the pureness of its seasons, the force of the wind and the sea, the scents of its wide-open landscapes.

“Lost in Albion” embodies this dreamy journey:
as an essential partner to start a new adventure, it is designed to be practice and reliable. As a wearable travel diary, all the collections are soaked in the experiences and the sensorial palettes of Albion, and they always remind you where they come from.

The brand was born by the creativity and the experience of Aldo and Emiliano Cranco as a bridge that connects the ability and the traditional Italian manual skills with their fascination for the authentic essence of British nature and culture. This is the identity of the brand, impressed in all of “Lost in Albion” collections.
Crancos’ 40 years long experience in design and production for top international brands is the solid background on which their creative project stands.

All the men and women collections are designed and produced in Italy

Lost in Albion